Credit despite time limit.

It is not impossible to take out a loan with a temporary job.

It is not impossible to take out a loan with a temporary job.

Is it possible to get a loan despite a temporary employment contract? The credit despite temporary employment contract “Forums Good day, does any of you have any experience with whether he takes a loan of about 2000 in spite of a fixed-term contract Check with the various credit institutions for more information No one asks about your employment contract and if he I think this is a crude ghost, serious bankers will ask you, “This is a good idea.

Reply to mail from (Member deleted), 02.10. 2015 08:49, “Serious banks” is a contradictory phrase. To be honest, I never had to sign up for a similar installment loan installment. Banks are not your girlfriends and girlfriends, who it matters whether you can pay your installment in a year.

Loan if you can not repay it in a few weeks?

Loan if you can not repay it in a few weeks?

The same applies to the private credit of the savings bank.  In addition, you should ask yourself if you can repay the loan, even if you should be unemployed an open Credit in outlook is not yet a signed loan everything else would have been “cut into your own skin”.

He advised me to work out a plan with me to see what the maximum allowable monthly credit should be for me. I did not get the recognition I wanted until I had a permanent employment contract so I would not get into trouble. But nowhere is it determined if she has a temporary contract.

You know that only when the EU citizen says so and if the influence on the credit is due to the employee he catches. Where did you get your knowledge from? Have you ever made a loan decision and worked on it in a house bank? Then you surely know the programs / guidelines / decision processes. but it is good. it is also a reason for a rejection. and it is noted and also influences the supply interest rates. Any home-made home loan approval that does not ask for such a thing, duly. Any banker who does not ask for something like that.

I would not have received a credit without presenting my contract (and its expiration). It would also be something new to me that the credit institutions have to take such a risk and do not want to know the profession and its time limit. You also get a loan if you are still apprenticing.


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